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Denise Linn is the Founder of The Linn Method of Clutter Clearing. She has worked with thousands of people world wide on changing their lives and changing their spaces for more many years.  In her other widely successful and acclaimed certification programs in feng shui, space clearing, and coaching, she has trained practitioners on different aspects of clutter and it's impact Each program utilized a specific aspect of her approach. 

Her Advanced Soul Coaching Practitioners have trained extensively in her coaching methods and can offer you a specific program in working with your life and clutter. You can work with an Advanced Soul Coaching Practitioner by visiting the website and looking for those individuals certified in Advanced Training!

Her Interior Alignment Practitioners are trained in feng shui and space clearing, and have learned the value of clutter clearing, steps to take to release clutter and cleansing and clearing of the space to set new intentions into your life. You can find a practitioner skilled in this practice who will help implement the feelings of your goals and dreams into your home.

Linn Method of Certified Clutter Coaching is a NEW certification has distilled the life coaching and clutter clearing into a distinct method that is now being offered as a certification ONLINE through Hay House. As new coaches fulfill the requirements and graduate, they will be listed here.